Solar Depot Commercial have been leading the industry for over ten years in innovative solar energy solutions. We've seen first-hand the impact increasing electricity prices have had on the profit margins of Australian businesses.

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Some of the projects we have recently installed or are currently working with include:

Nambucca Health Care - 20kW - Willunga Ave, Nambucca
Urunga Health Care - 23kW, 20 Fitzroy St, Urunga
Dorrigo RSL - 30kW, 2 Hickory St , Dorrigo
Janison IT -25kW , 394 Harbour Dr, Coffs Harbour
SPAR Supermarket Dorrigo - 30kW, 35 Hickory St, Dorrigo
Cafe Valla - 5kW, Valla Beach

Solar Depot Commercial have been leading the industry for ten  years in innovative solar energy solutions. We've seen first-hand the impact increasing electricity prices have had on the profit margins of Australian businesses.

Two of the main factors which will continue to drive up the cost of electricity are:

  • The cost of new electricity infrastructure required to replace ageing infrastructure and meet ever increasing demand. (Australia currently needs to invest at least $100 billion over the next decade to achieve this)
  • The recent introduction of a price on carbon

Solar Depot can specifically tailor a Power Solution to your business needs. Many of these systems now have payback periods of under 3 years delivering exceptional return on investment, depreciation opportunities and insulation against the future rising cost of electricity.

Futhermore, Solar Depot have financial solutions available to help make your solar system a reality. 

Cash Flow and Pay-Back Period Analysis

In many cases nowadays we are seeing payback period under 3 years making Solar part of Smart Business today.

The strength behind Solar Depot lies in its total lifecycle approach to projects. From design, to construction, monitoring, maintenance and expansion, we can help you deliver a renewable energy project that is effective, efficient, on budget and reliable for your application.

Our competitive advantage involves the use of a variety of proprietary software applications that measure a project's expected efficiency, output, CO2 offset and cost under various circumstances, (amongst many other things) paired with a financial matrix that demonstrates cashflow, break even and return on investment figures for your application. These results are extremely accurate and factor in a large number of considerations that are both environmental, financial and product related.

Energy Storage Solutions & Grid Back Up

At Solar Depot we are leading the way in commercial power technologies. Solar Depot can design a power system that provides grid-backup either via a commercial battery system or via generator. These systems can offer a seamless power supply to suit your business needs and insulate you from the financial damage that unexpected power outages can cause.

We are now offering myGrid Energy Centres - a storage solution that allows you to independantly manage your own energy. The myGrid kit is a convenient and simple way to store energy and use it at the time of your choice.

By incorporating renewable energy, the myGrid range gives you a variety of options that allows you to manage renewable, stored energy and the grid.

For more information on Power Storage Solutions, click here. 

LED Lighting

We are experts in renewable energies and lowering your carbon footprint. Solar Depot has many complementary energy saving products such as LED Office and Warehouse Lighting solutions, Commercial Hot Water Solutions and power-use advice that can free up cash wasted on inefficiencies.

Solar Hot Water

We have small to large scale commercial Solar Hot water and Solar Powered Chiller technology available to us for integration into your project.

Whether you just require Solar Hot water for office kitchen facilities to large scale Dairy Industry Hot water Systems, we can assist. Our Chiller technology is also perfect for cost reductions in the food and wine industry. When paired with Solar Power , the benefits are outstanding. Our Commercial Projects managers can demonstrate the benefots of a wholistic solar approach to your business with a comprehensive financial spreadsheet detailing payback periods and return on investment.

Our Solar Hot water and refrigeration partners are Chromagen and Solar Ark.

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