Solar Depot can tailor an Energy Storage System to suit your requirements, whether you be in a remote location off-grid, a residential area or a business requiring uninterrupted power supply. We have financial spreadsheets that can demonstrate the long term cost of systems including battery maintenance or replacement so you have the complete picture on the long term benefits of your system.

myGrid Energy Centre – Energy Storage Systems

A myGrid Energy Centre can be easily integrated into your Solar system and will immediately allow you to take control of your energy.

Control over your power bill using load shifting to store your energy from the renewables and use it when electricity costs are high.

Independence from the grid, you now have the choice of when and how you use it.

Peace of mind when the grid goes down, your power doesn't.

Choice to self consume, storing unused solar for later use.

Reliability you will never run out of power

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Fronius Home Energy Storage Systems

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Enphase Energy Storage Systems

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